Frequently Asked Questions

1What payment methods are available?
Bank transfer, Vodafone cash, Etisalat cash, Egyptian postal transfer, and hand delivery.
2How about payment system?
50% deposit and 50% after finishing half of the project, or 100% deposit.
3 What are the available methods for technical support?
technical support platform, technical support tickets, direct chat or telephone.
4 How can you send a technical or financial proposal?
You can send us a technical or financial proposal by following up this link https://sigma.ws/contact-us/
5What are the available methods for communication?
Using contact us page, phone +201145597111, or mail [email protected]
6Why Sigma is the best choice in web solutions?
Sigma was created from a group of friends with 17 years of experience in most fields of the web. Each of us has experience in a different field of the web, so we will be able to do all of your requests.


Why customers loves us?

Communication with clients is not easy and also understanding the customer’s request, with the friendly environment that we provide and our experience, we got the best experience with customers, and this increased their love for us.

Helping improving customer work.
Providing best prices.